Staar Test

OMG.  The staar test is coming up and I cant wait.  I’m really scared about how I’m going to do on it.  I’m so scared.

If anyone else is scared then I know how you feel.  I hope me and everyone else do good on it.  Because that new high school is waiting on us to walk in it’s doors.

Sad death

My Easter weekend was so sad because my dog named lady bit a little kid.
Because he was teasing her so he got bit. So the dog catcher came and got her and put her down.But  I must say it was his fault he got bit.  He shouldn’t have shot her.


Tonee you are my best friend and I love you like my sister I never had so I just want you to know your my bestie

The Weekend

OMG  why did this weekend have to be so muddy and rainy.  I mean we could have played basketball or just go and hang with our friends . But NO because we had to stay inside until it was finally school.

my dog

Kadyn has inspired me to comment about my dog . People are always saying that your dog loves you just as much as you love them. BUT IF THAT WAS REALLY TRUE  then I guess my dog loves her house guest more than me (LOL)Old Buster, my pooch and man's best friend.Creative Commons License Steve Baker via Compfight

MSU game

had a great time with all the athletic girls and the coaches that night and looking forward to going again next year. hopefully when we go to collage we are the ones on that court playing and everyone watching us. including athletic girls from different schools that were in the same place we sat to watch the msu game .